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Pioneer of New Energy Industry | CH/EN

Prof. Yong KANG

Board Chairman / Dean

Principal’s Regards

Seize the day , Look forward to the future ,
Our career would benefit our descendants.

Corporate Information

Institute of New Energy, Wuhan Co., Ltd. (INEW) was set up in July 2016 by Wuhan Municipal People's Government and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). INEW is mainly committed to new energy technology R&D, project incubation and industrial investment and is determined to protect human sustainable development through the development and utilization of new energy.

By integrating talents and technology resources from home and abroad in new energy, academic resources of HUST, policy and market resources in Wuhan and the benchmarking effect of New Energy Building, INEW revolves around two core businesses--“Science & Technology Innovation” and “Entrepreneurial Service” to shape four platforms: technology R&D, project incubation, equipment and devices sharing, and industrial investment.

INEW makes its efforts in the efficient and clean use of traditional energy, new energy industrial chain, energy Internet and energy policy so as to achieve a major breakthrough and cultivate a number of innovative technology and enterprises in new energy field.

Organizational Chart

Global Partnership